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Visitor Information

COVID-19 Regulations: Entry conditions to Bunyan Airfield

Visitors free to travel in NSW


The NSW Covid-19 Public Health Orders apply at Bunyan airfield. See NSW Health - Covid-19.


The regulations currently permit any resident of NSW, or a visitor who has met NSW quarantine requirements, to travel freely in NSW. This includes ACT residents. See ACT Health - travel to NSW.


Subject to specific conditions below, CGC may invite anyone free to travel in NSW to visit the airfield.


Conditions of entry to Bunyan airfield


The NSW regulations require anyone subject to the following conditions to isolate. Accordingly, potential visitors who meet any of these conditions must not enter Bunyan airfield.

  • If the visitor has attended a venue with confirmed Covid-19 cases (see NSW case locations).

  • If the visitor is experiencing any of the symptoms that might be Covid-19, i.e.: o Cough o Sore or scratchy throat o Runny nose o Loss of taste or smell o Shortness of breath o Fever (37.5° or higher)

  • If the visitor has been in close contact with a person diagnosed with Covid-19.

  • Contact tracing precautions require that each visitor must supply name and contact details.

Visitors who have had casual contact with Covid-19


Casual contacts are people who have been near confirmed infectious cases of COVID-19 but are considered at lower risk than close contacts. They are not required to isolate unless they develop symptoms. See NSW Health - Casual Contacts


CGC requires advance notification from intending visitors who have had a casual contact and will decide on a case-by-case basis whether entry to Bunyan airfield will be permitted.



Download this document for COVID-19 compliance requirements

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