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Become a Glider Pilot



Why not learn to fly with the Canberra Gliding Club? Our qualified instructors will take you through our detailed syllabus, and in under a year you could be flying one of our gliders solo and working towards your Glider Pilot's Certificate.*


The instruction is completely free, so all you have to pay is for the launch and the glider time. Detailed Summary of Costs (PDF)


*The number of flights required to reach solo depends on pilot aptitude, prior experience, your visit frequency, knowledge and study habits, ability to consolidate training experience, fitness etc. We utilise a competency-based flying training syllabus. The real learning and enjoyment is developed post-solo! 


The training syllabus includes instruction in:


  • The characteristics of a glider and soaring to the personal skill level where you can control the glider at altitude, thermal to gain height and fly accurately to an airfield;

  • Controlling the glider close to the ground, controlling speed, pitch, roll and yaw, and glider direction in take-off, circuit, approach and landing;

  • Recovering from spins, unusual attitudes, and flight without complex instrumentation;

  • Rules of the air, where you can fly, what airspace is controlled, how to communicate by radio, how to maintain a lookout and keep clear of other aircraft.


Training continues post-solo, and you will:


  • Learn how to fly wave and cross country, covering distances of 50km, 300km, 500km, even 1000km;

  • Progress through the Club's fleet of high performance single seat gliders;

  • Qualify to fly with your friends and family as passengers.

Gliding satisfies on all levels - it's exciting or tranquil (your choice); you can keep it simple or delve into technical areas of extraordinary complexity; it's a team effort to get airborne, but once you're there you are on your own. 




On 23 November 2003, our club member Rick Agnew broke the Australian record 100km speed triangle which now stands at 198.98km/h. Rick Agnew also achieved an altitude of 33,000ft in 1995, from our site (this flight set the current Australian altitude record). The sky, as they say, is the limit. 


Whatever appeals to you, gliding is a great sport, and Canberra Gliding Club is the ideal place to learn, and meet people with the same ambitions.

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